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Treehugger All Natural Surf Wax

All natural. Australian owned. Hand crafted.

Treehugger All Natural Surf Wax

All natural. Australian owned. Hand crafted.

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Treehugger All Natural Surf Wax has been created with the environmentally conscious surfer in mind.

Every cake of Tree Hugger wax contains locally sourced Beeswax and is hand made, hand poured and hand wrapped making each cake unique! No fossil fuel based Parrafin Wax and mass factory production here!

Treehugger Surf Wax is a statement of sustainability without compromising performance. We offer an evironmentally friendly alternative to the petrochemical based products of the Surf Wax industry heavy weights.

Produced in Byron Bay & Way Way, NSW, we are a small Australian owned and operated business committed to producing high-quality, eco surf wax.


Treehugger Surf Wax is comprised of a unique blend of:

  • Beeswax (biodegradable, renewable & sustainable, non-toxic).
  • Plant oils (biodegradable, non-toxic, renewable & sustainable. Free from petrochemicals, GM products & palm oil).
  • Mineral clays (petrochemical free, biodegradable, non-toxic).
  • Plant resins (biodegradable, non-synthetic, renewable & sustainable, non-toxic). 


Our surf wax is wrapped in 100% Post Consumer Recycled paper.
The adhesives we use are 65% plant based, solvent free, and come in 100% recycled plastic.
Our choice of packing tape is produced from 100% recycled plastic.
For shipping, we make our own product packaging from reclaimed cardboard boxes, or 100% Post Consumer Recycled card or paper.

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Treehugger Surf Wax